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A few weekends ago (…really!? …already!? The fall has really zipped by!) Bryan, Stout and I drove up to Andover, New Hampshire to spend the weekend with Tess, Michael, and Titus. We had the best time hiking, sleeping in, eating and drinking tasty things, playing games, exploring, celebrating the puppies turning one year old, and shooting Tess + Michael’s engagement session (which you can peek at over on the blog!). Stout got a little scared of the dark at night being in a new place, and ended up curled in the bed between us both evenings (despite having a nice big cozy crate all to herself). I confess that I was very pleased, as I love Stout snuggles in a warm bed. They’re really the best, and the conversation comes up weekly whether we should have Stout continue sleeping in her crate each night or let her roam and drink water and snuggle with us. Buuuuuut until we aren’t in an apartment (re: won’t feel bad when she occasionally barks in the night) and until we have a giant (CALIFORNIA YAY!) kind sized bed, I think we’ll have to settle for early morning snuggles only. Anyway, Bryan and I are so happy we have these friends, and so, so happy they’re engaged and celebrating their wedding next year! Such a great, restful, fun weekend with these three!

A quick visit to NC to meet my new nephew Liam


A few weeks flew down to NC to visit my sweet new nephew Liam, born three months too early and tinier even than his older brother! I forgot my light meter (which I stewed about the entire plan ride down) but lucky for me, my G2 performed swimmingly on auto! These are all shot on a Contax G2, with either tri-x pushed +2 or Ilford 3200 35mm film.

(and of couuuuurse I included that furry face to which I returned home…! Sweet pup!)